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Two turrets will be located in the middle of your Redfield scope. 5 x 5 cant be turned with your finger, but with a dime or screwdriver. This Butler Creek cover opens at the touch of your thumb and features a watertight friction mount and semi O-ring that securely anchors the cover, sealing out dust and moisture.

I was wondering what the MOA is for the windage and elevation knobs? The knobs on the 1. Redfield Widefield Lo Pro 3X-9X Low Profile Hunting Rifle Scope Widefield 4 Plex Reticle Made in Denver Colorado redfield lo pro 3x9 scope manual USA This scope was made by Redfield during 1980&39;s in Denver Colorado. One will be on top of the scope and the other one will be on the right side. or maby a broken scope for parts or a cheaper model that i can that the knobs off of and put on this 1? If it&39;s in good shape and the seals are good, etc, it&39;s worth using. The Accu-range finder shoots out to 600 yards and has clear optics.

It is Odd to me how the Rear focal Eye Piece does not have the Redfield scope company name on it, as all other Redfields that I have seen do have the company name and address on them. redfield lo pro 3x9 scope manual The Redfield Rampage is considered an ideal entry-level spotting scope, thanks to its basic features and competitively low price. Back Video Build Step 1 - Date Your Gun Build Step 2 - Scope Dates Build Step 3 - Mounting Optics cleaning kit instructions CMP Regulations Buehler Charts and Instructions Leupold Manuals and Instructions Lyman Manuals and Instructions Redfield Manuals and Instructions Stith Instructions Weaver Manuals and Instructions Williams Instructions. We believe this scope to be mechanically sound, but have no way of testing it. Help with an old Redfield Lo-Pro Accu-Trac 3x9 scope. One of the Redfield emblems is missing but isn’t noticeable. 75X scopes on my lever Marlins and both are good, solid scopes.

We have tried ABO, & Iron Sights. Do the same adjustments to zero it in. , Miami FL, 33142 _____.

redfield lo pro 3x9 scope manual When I turn the adjustments to the. Very sharp and bright optics. I never pass up a used USA-made Redfield at a good price (under 0, usually). The primary function of a scope is to aim the firearm. I loaned it to a buddy after I bought a Leupold and he had his rifle stolen along with my scope on it.

Redfield Widefield scopes were built on rugged, one-piece, aluminum alloy main tubes. I have a redfield 3x-9x scope that has two adjustment on the side, they loosen really easily. The worlds foremost repair station for REDFIELD RIFLE SCOPES Made in Denver, Colorado U. Redfield 115215 Revenge Rifle Scope with 4-Plex Reticle, Redfield Widefield 3-9X. The objective and eyepiece lenses are oval (TV) style. We accept checks with no more than 7 days hold. I believe that these scopes are somewhat similar to the LE model, we are pleased with our scopes, they have been on several hunts. Redfields were the premium brand in the States.

Almost all of them, need repaired. It always served me well. I like to put a scope about 1" high at 50 yards, and then shoot the gun at 100 yards. Product No Longer Available. We have over 20 Redfield Illuminators, with Accu-Tracs, & BDC; which need repaired. Anyone have a old Redfield Accu-Trac or Accu-Range manual, my scope is a 6-18, need to find out more about it, the manual or a very good copy of it would help. To the subject of the Redfield scope, I bought a new Redfield Widefield Low profile with both the accu trac and accu range back in 1980 that I put on a M1A that I also bought new in 1980.

Redfield Scope 3x 9 Widefield Manual. Get the best deals on Redfield Scope 3x9 when you shop the largest online. It will look nice on any rifle.

For this reason, Redfield scopes are engineered to provide generous eye relief. Quote Reply Topic: Redfield scope problems Posted: March/07/ at 14:37: Ok I have an older redfield lo-pro widefield 1"scope. I bought a Lo-Pro 3x9 back in the early 1980&39;s. Even when they introduced their metallic silhouette scopes, widefield, accu trac and lo pro scopes, the fit and finish still spoke the traditional Redfield brand. Description: This scope is in excellent condition. Redfield riflescopes are engineered to provide a generous 3" to 5" eye relief, depending on. Both are older models.

Redfield WideField Lo-Pro 3x9 Rifle Scope Accu-Trac USA Nice. Hi all, I have two older Redfield Wideview scopes, one a Lo-Pro (2x7) and the other a 1. Back Video Build Step 1 - Date Your Gun Build Step 2 - Scope Dates Build Step 3 - Mounting Optics cleaning kit instructions CMP Regulations Buehler Charts and Instructions Leupold Manuals and Instructions Lyman Manuals and Instructions Redfield Manuals and Instructions Stith Instructions Weaver Manuals and Instructions Williams Instructions. The Accu-Trac windage and elevation turrets let you adjust your aim with 1/4 MOA increments.

It’s the hard to find Widefield Low Pro with oval lens on both front and back so it can mount close to the barrel. The scope came with several BDC knobs. You can also explore other items in the Riflescopes & Accessories, Rifle Scopes, Fixed Power Rifle Scopes yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! hey guys i got a redfield lo pro 3x9 scope and im stupid and i didnt no about adjusting scopes at the time and i striped out the elavation knob does any1 know where i can purchase anouther knob? This scope was one of the best selling model. I still have the scope on the same rifle today and it is my favorite deer rifle.

Unfortunately Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm Riflescope Matte Finish 4-Plex is no longer carried by OpticsPlanet. For some reason 9 NEW sticks in my mind. We&39;re offering this vintage, attractive Redfield 3x9 LPWF for only $ 99. 00 flat rate shipping. Make adjustments to the scope once a point-of-impact has been made on your target.

doc MSWord Document Download Redfield Lo-Pro 3x9 for sale in category Scopes/Mounts/Rings u0026 Optics u003E Rifle Scopes Rifle scopes redfield manual - Rifle Scope Review rifle scopes redfield manual. The top turret adjusts for elevation changes while the one to the right controls your point-of-impact, right or left. The scope adjustments for that scope should be that each click is 1/4" at 100 yards. We have serviced Redfield scopes for customers all over the world. Crisp, clear and sharp viewing when you look through the scope. At one time they were considered THE American hunters optic of choice.

Eyepiece focus was by multiple turns of the ocular housing on fine threads and was secured with a locking ring. My son and I have some Redfield Ultimate Illuminator 3-9 scopes, 30mm tubes with 56mm objectives and they have been excellent. This year, Meade had three or four toolroom scopes to look at, and they are highly interesting instruments. BUTLER CREEK Flip-open Lens Caps for REDFIELD 3X-9X Lo Pro WIDEFIELD Scopes.

They featured 1/4 MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustments and fully multi-coated optics. BUTLER CREEK Flip-open Lens Caps for REDFIELD 2X-7X Lo Pro. How do I adjust my redfield tracker 3x-9x scope for my redfield lo pro 3x9 scope manual rifle?

Ring marking is faint. If you are looking for Nikon Rifle Scope Reticles And Redfield Widefield Lo Pro 3. No turrets but the adjustments are good. Redfield Rampage Spotting Scope 20-60x with Case, Neck Strap and Tripod List price was 4. If you are looking for Nikon Rifle Scope Reticles And Redfield Widefield Lo Pro 3 Those scopes will always be treasured and coveted by anyone who hunted during the great American scope era of the 1960’s through 80’s. the sharpness of the reticle on your scope every few years to ensure it is still adjusted correctly for your eye.

We have another 10-15 Redfields, such as Golden 5 Stars, & Low Pros; most of which, have the Accu-Trac, with BDC. 11:30:53 PM EST I&39;ve got this scope and can not locate a pdf of the manual. 99 our price 9. Does anyone have any experince with these scopes, or know where to find a manual.

If someone wants a nice period-correct scope for a vintage rifle, it&39;s worth whatever they&39;re willing to pay, to maybe 0 depending on condition. I traded for a Remington Model Six not long ago, and it came with a very nice, perfectly usable Lo-Pro 3-9. The 3:1 zoom ratio has you covered at most distances. Redfield Revolution 3:1 Zoom Scopes Scopes to cover all demands Redfield&39;s Revolution riflescopes feature all the things you need in a scope. I have two older Redfield "wide-view" 2. While some other spotting scopes can cost up to 00 or more, the Redfield Rampage scope retails for less than 0.

00 On Leupolds site they have a contact number for older redfield warranty workRedfield optics repair center ABO, Inc 2653 NW 20th St. We are the recommended repair station for Redfield rifle scopes by Leupold optics, owner of the Redfield name. Redfield Replacement Reticles and Scope Repair. They will be offering a deer hunting scope for around 0. Redfield had a solid reputation back in the 1970&39;s when I started shooting. Up for bid is a very nice vintage Redfield 3x9 Accu-trac scope. The 15 fits older Redfield Widefield and similar scopes with the oval eyepiece. We are looking for information; on where we can get Redfield scopes repaired.

Best Reviews Redfield Widefield Lo Pro 3x9 Rifle Scope And Rifle Scope With Bluet. Redfield WidefieldLow Profile 3X-9X Lo-Pro AccuTrac Range Finding Scope with BDC Dials Very rare and hard to find one Vintage Hunting Rifle ScopeMade In Denver USA This scope is original Redfield Scope made during 1970&39;s in Denver Colorado and it was their best selling model. The full Redfield line will feature 6 models—three with 1-inch tubes and three with. So if at 50 yards, you want to move it 1 inch, you will have to adjust the scope 8 clicks. Therefore, when mounting your scope, we recommend positioning it as far forward in the mounts as possible to take full advantage of this generous eye relief.

The Later Redfields had the cheaper External disc mounted range finders in them and The Redfield Name was embossed in silver on the side of the scope and I do. It is 3x9 with crystal clear optics and standard Duplex Crosshairs. Description: ~This is a very nice Accu-trade wide field scope with a B cam installed. The optics provide brilliant. Novem.

NOTE: To protect the integrity of the waterproof seal of every Redfield scope, an internal mechanism prevents the eyepiece from being removed.

Redfield lo pro 3x9 scope manual

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